Súng Phun Sơn LPH-101

LPH-101 lightweight low-pressure environmental-protection spray gun

Brand:Manoli Spray Gun


Advantage:Reduce touch-ups and refinishing due to low pressure and low air volume; The air pressure in the air cap is less than 0.7bar, resulting in less overspray and high transfer efficiency, so that paint consumption is reduced by from 20% to 30%; A large pattern width and an optimum atomization effect; A lightweight gun body coupled with a smaller triggering load.

Application:Suitable for metal powders, which can be applied uniformly by the spray gun and won’t be deposited; Suitable for a variety of fluids including oil paints, epoxy resins, glues and working oils, and most suitable for car repairs, woodwork, furniture and metal.

Material:Die casting aluminum and stainless steel

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