Súng Phun Sơn Manoli W-101-P

W-101-P lightweight pressure feed type spray gun with a perfect atomization effect

Brand:Manoli Spray Gun


Advantage:A reduction of paints adhering to the inside of the air cap makes atomization more uniform and achieves a steady spray pattern; Reduce both overspray and the triggering load, and achieve a better atomization effect by reducing the spraying air pressure (at the gun handle) by 0.05MPa; All fluid passages are made of stainless steel and the fluid nozzle and fluid needle are made of first-class stainless steel, so the spray gun is suitable for waterborne paints.

Application:Suitable for a variety of fluids including oil paints, epoxy resins, glues and working oils, and most suitable for car repairs, woodwork, furniture and metal.

Material:Die casting aluminum and stainless steel

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