Súng Phun Sơn Manoli WA-200

WA-200 large type automatic spray gun

Brand:Manoli Spray Gun


Advantage:High transfer efficiency and less overspray, resulting in a reduction of the cost of paints; Optimal atomization effect and finely atomized paint particles on the surface of workpieces; Convenient to operate and easy to maintain; The spray gun is properly used in a painting line for mass production, used with automatic painting equipment, reciprocators and painting robots; Suitable for all kinds of paints, medical coating and glass.

Application:Suitable for medical coating spraying, glass spraying, etc. with excellent atomization effect, fine surface effect of workpiece spraying and low paint loss. It is the guarantee of excellent product spraying information and raw material cost saving. Combined with automatic spraying machine, reciprocating spraying machine and spraying robot.

Material:Die casting aluminum and stainless steel

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