Súng Phun Sơn Manoli W-201-S

W-201-S Large Type Manual Spray Gun

Brand:Manoli Spray Gun


Advantage:1. As required, inlet pressure is adjustable from 2.5bar to 3.0bar to reduce bounceback and save paint with long and narrow spray pattern, uniform atomization and large pattern width; 2. Finely atomized paint particles, good effect, high efficiency and fast application; 3. Painters can use the spray gun for a long time without fatigue owing to its lightweight gun body, light triggering load and easy operation; 4. There are many optional fluid nozzle sizes and matched air caps, so it is more convenient for you to select them; 5. All fluid passages are made of stainless steel, and the fluid nozzle and fluid needle are made of stainless steel S2, so the spray gun is suitable for applying waterborne paint.

Application:Suitable for painting operation with medium viscosity paint (primer), and furniture, metal and large workpieces

Material:Zinc alloy and stainless steel

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